Should Toppo Be Pulled From The Tournament Of Power?

If you missed this past episode of Dragon Ball Super, you missed out on an amazing episode. Let’s recap for a moment, then get on with the proposed question.

In episode #125 of Dragon Ball Super, Toppo of Universe 11, decided that he didn’t care about justice anymore. This was prompted by his frustration with not being able to take down Android 17 in their ensuring battle. It also didn’t help that Frieza decided to shoot him in the back, which resulted in Android 17 overpowering him.  When I say overpowering him, we’re talking about a huge blast of energy that should have knocked Toppo off the platform. Only it didn’t. 

When we see Toppo again, he’s made up his mind. Dropped the whole “Justice is everything” charade and embraced the Dark Hadou God of Destruction power. Wait, did I just say that? Yes fans, our boy Toppo is now a God of Destruction. Or is he? Well, that’s the question we’re tackling. Now, 

Of course, with this new power, Toppo decides to take them for a test drive by totally demolishing Frieza. It’s at this point that Frieza experiences an ass whipping that he’s never experienced before. Nothing that either Goku or Trunks have dished out, pales in comparison to this. Yes, that includes both of the two killing Frieza.  


Toppo not only wrecks his body but also deals a crippling blow to Frieza’s pride. But think about this for a moment. He didn’t just body Frieza, no. He bodied his upgraded form, Golden Frieza. One blast of God of Destruction power was enough to knock him out of his golden form and put him out of commission for a bit. From there, it was a downward spiral, where killing Frieza (again) would have been merciful at this point.


But this begs to ask the question, should Toppo be allowed to continue in the tournament? The Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power is for “mortal”. Gods are strictly forbidden to partake, that’s the rules. However, the rules are also very loose. If you’ve been watching the arc, you know exactly what I mean. They have been in question on numerous occasions, just like they are now. 

So, should Toppo be allowed to continue? Fans of Universe 7, would be eager to point out that he shouldn’t. Everyone wants Goku and gang to win the tournament and wish everyone back. And while I’m a fan of universe 7 as well, I don’t think that this new predicament should mean that Toppo should be disqualified. Why? 

While Toppo is called a “God of Destruction” when he finally transforms, that’s technically not correct. A universe can only have one God of Destruction, at any given time. Meaning that for this to be the truth, the previous God but either retire (and we don’t know how that happens yet), or dies. In this instance, Belmod, who currently resides in that position, has done neither. Simply because he’s called one doesn’t mean that he actually is. We also know that Belmod is still a God, as he did partake in the early fight where all the Gods fought each other. 

For now, Toppo is still a candidate. A God of Destruction in training. A very dangerous opponent for universe 7, indeed.

In fact, it is Beerus, who states during the same episode that Toppo hasn’t mastered his destruction powers just yet. He still has ways to go, but there’s no arguing that he isn’t immensely powerful. 

Ok, let’s get to why I feel he should remain. It’s actually really simple. He isn’t a God, at least not yet. Which means he’s still mortal. He doesn’t have an angel, nor a Kai. Remember, for every God, there has to be a Kai. But pushing that out of the picture for A moment, let’s look at the obvious. When he started in the tournament, he didn’t have these powers. Which is also the key here. He developed them afterward.

Let’s also not overlook both Goku and Vegeta. Both of these guys also have Godly ki and are two of the strongest fighters (except for Monaka and perhaps Buu) from universe 7. If Toppo was to be DQ’d because of his new powers, then we should also look at removing those two from the tournament as well. Love it or hate it, either one of those two could be candidates for the new God of Destruction for universe 7. Beerus already asked them about it before. 

Art by Eymsmiley of DeviantArt

Art by Eymsmiley of DeviantArt

So, no, I don’t think Toppo should be removed from the tournament of power. However, this does make things even harder for universe 7. Goku and Vegeta are barely handling Jiren. Things just got a bit more complicated with GOD TOPPO removing both Frieza and Android 17 (previews of episode 126 show this). 

Who’s going to win? Who’s going to lose? Find out next time in the next episode!

Psst… universe 7 is going to win.

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