Rocket League On Switch is Currently Prepping For Cross-Platform Play This Year

If you are an owner of Psyonix Studios’s Rocket League on the Switch, you won’t have much to wait  to play with other console users. On their Twitter account, they are aiming to implement the Cross-platform support for the game sometime this year.


Soon Switch users will be able to play with Xbox and PC Users soon enough. The option  will allow for the ability to create a party of players from different platforms that can move together between matches as a group without having to constantly invite people into a private match. So far this is limited to only to users who share the same consoles.

If you haven’t played or heard of Rocket League, by all means buy the version of your choice. It’s just something about mini race cars and playing soccer with them that really gets your sports fanatic inside you working. Plus the race cars has nitro. Did I also mention there are explosions as well?

Now if only one other party will finally join up and let Rocket League be the first game that unites all gamers…

Rocket League is available for all major consoles and PC.