Rick and Morty is no stranger to long waits between seasons. Season 3 debuted a year and a half after season 2 with a surprise premiere on April Fools’ Day of 2017. This time, it looks like fans are in for an even longer wait. Season 3 ended this past October and may not come back for a full 2 years at least. 

In an interview with Detroit Cast, Rick and Morty writer, producer, and voice actor Ryan Ridley revealed that no work has been started on the next season. He didn’t give an exact date for when writing will start, but mentioned 2019 as a possible premiere date. Seeing as it takes a while to write and animate the show, it could certainly be a while. Ridley confirmed this and even voiced his own frustration with the slow process. Then again, season 3 showed that Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland can deliver quite a season given the time. Hopefully season 4 ends up being just as good if not better with the creators taking their time.