One of the big exclusive titles coming to the Nintendo Switch this year is Project Octopath Traveler from Square Enix. This was one of the first 3rd party exclusives announced for the system via the Nintendo Switch launch event last year. Also last year, Nintendo and Square Enix released a demo that teased part of what you could do in the game, including showing off the beginning of two of the characters stories. At the end of that demo was a survey that you could take and help influence the game.

Today, the Project Octopath Traveler released an update trailer for the game, and revealed that the title not only had 1 million downloads worldwide, but also had 45,000 survey responses. Because of that feedback, they’re changing the game to better reflect what players would like to see.

Changes you can expect to see are faster movements, fast travel points, a better save system, being able to skip event scenes, updates to the battle system, and more. There’s no release date for Project Octopath Traveler as of yet, but it is slated to arrive this year. And when it does arrive, you can expect our review. Watch the full video below for full details.


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