While Pokemon Go will never regain the same level of popularity it had when it first debuted, its making an effort to stay fresh. The game recently saw a boost in downloads with the introduction of Gen 3. Now, it’s trying something completely different with Community Days. These events will consist of a three hour period once a month during which players can catch a unique Pokemon. This month’s Pokemon? A surfin’ Pikachu. Err, a Pikachu that knows the move “surf” that is. 

In addition to the special Pokemon, this month’s event will also include a double XP boost and Lure Modules lasting for three hours. These perks will vary from month to month, but there will always be extra bonuses. It appears that the Pokemon each month will always know a special move. 

So when is this event? Niantic has announced that the first Community Day will be January 20th from 1-4pm Central Standard Time

In addition to Community Days, Pokemon Go has seen the release of Kyogre, the latest Gen 3 legendary. In other news, Niantic also stated that it’ll stop supporting the iPhone 5 and 5c at the end of February as it further updates the game.

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