Hyperkin Duke Controller Production Shot And Preorder Info

The Hyperkin Duke Controller is almost upon. Originally released alongside the original Xbox console, now being reproduced for both the Xbox One and PC gamers everywhere. And while we were able to get images of mock-ups and pre-production shots, Seamus Blackley has shown off an image of the actual production unit. Sadly, it doesn’t show off the LED in action. Outside of that, it’s very faithful to the original Duke controller.

Pre-order information, as well as where we’ll be able to find one will come next month. Once we get a list of who will be providing pre-orders, I’ll update this story to reflect that.

I expressed my dislike for the original Duke, multiple times. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t want to get my hand on this piece of gaming history. And sure, while I wasn’t a fan of the controller in the past. It doesn’t mean I won’t give it a spin when it’s finally released. Oh, I definitely will be. To see if I’m still not a fan or if I’ve grown a bit – and perhaps to see if my hands a larger than I think they are.

Are you looking at picking up Hyperkin’s Duke controller? Sound off in the comments below.

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