Oh boy! If you thought that **Insert Game** was hard enough to make you kick and rocks. Well, you haven’t played Darkest Dungeon. A grueling, ultra depressing and belittling experience that pits you against a grave evil. One that kills you more times than you’d care to see happen, yet you come back for more. Yeah, a game like that. And now the game is heading to the Xbox One in Feb.28, 2018.

For now, the release date is all we have, as the Darkest Dungeon Twitter account is withholding the info. But soon, soon we’ll get more information on what Xbox One owners can expect.

Now, that all said, I’ve had my fair share of Darkest Dungeon gameplay. Clocking in at over 200 hours, I enjoyed my time with the title. Despite all the death, all the frustration and all broken keyboards, it’s easily one of the best games I’ve played. And thanks to upcoming DLC, The Color of Madness, coming this year. I’ve been planning my return to the title. I’m just afraid of what I might break next.

Darkest Dungeon is already available on PC, PS4, PS Vita and more recently, the Nintendo Switch. With Xbox One version coming soon, there should be zero reasons for you to not check out this game. That is unless you’re too scared. In which I wouldn’t blame you.

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