Things are not looking good for one of Starz’s most popular series American Gods. First, showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green left the show, and now, Gillian Anderson will be departing from the show. 

Anderson, who plays the new god Media, was one of the show’s most popular characters. Taking on various facades, including David Bowie and Lucille Ball, she was one of the henchmen of Mr. World, the god of globalization. Media is more or less the muscle, helping to get the pieces in place for the new gods to takeover. 

There is no statement on why Anderson left, but it’s likely because of Fuller and Green’s departure from the the show. No one has discussed what “creative differences” occurred to cause their departure. There are even rumors that Kristen Chenoweth, who played the god Easter, might also be leaving. 

“When Bryan was the showrunner, I was coming back for several episodes, but I don’t know now,” Chenoweth explains to Variety. “It depends on who it is and if they think I add value or not.”

Anderson will also not be returning to the show that helped put her on the collective cultural radar, The X-Files. “It has been an extraordinary gift and I’m incredibly grateful for the existence of Scully in my life and for the gift that Chris gave me in casting me, and my friendship with David, and it’s been a wonderful run, but I’ve got other things to do,” Anderson said in a statement.

Could this spell the end of the show? Or will it be able to bounce back with the right new show runner? Given there’s no news as to who is taking the reigns or even when one might expect production to begin, I’d say it’s not looking great.

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