First Photos Of Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel Suit Isn’t What I Expected

Thanks to Page Six, several new images of Brie Larson in her Captain Marvel suit have been bouncing out the internet. And apparently causing a bit of an uproar, as the costume that’s being worn by Brie Larson, is a bit different. We’re not seeing her in the traditional blue, red and gold colors.  Nope, we’re seeing her in what appears to be a green, black and turquoise colored suit instead.

You can see that suit in the images below.


So, of course, fans everywhere are a bit puzzled as to what’s going on. Is this her new suit? What happened to the one we originally saw? What the heck in Marvel Comics is happening. Well, folks, you can all relax. Everything will be alright, but first, a history lesson is in order.

Before Carol Danvers received her powers, there was another character called Mar-Vell or Captain Marvel. He was an alien from the Marvel universe, a race known as the Kree. These Kree were sent to the earth to try and take it over. They have this thing about the Earth and believe the planet is their right. Crazy, right? Anyway, he got captured instead and was imprisoned. This is how Carol became to know who he was, as she was tasked with getting as much information from him as possible. Eventually, the two became friends and even lovers. 

Sometime later, Carol was captured b another Kree called Yon-Rogg. Mar-Vell went to save her and both of them got caught in an explosion, which caused Mar-Vell’s DNS to meld with Carol’s. This explosion is what gave all of Mar-Vell’s knowledge and thus Ms. Marvel was born. While she didn’t have her powers yet, she would go one to development them.

Ok, so now that we have the backstory, let’s talk about the suit. The original suit of Mar-Vell was very similar to what we’re seeing in these pictures. The main difference is that Mar-Vell’s suit has a planet on his chest. Where the one Captain Marvel is wearing has a star or her trademark insignia.

The only other question is when is the picture’s we’re seeing taking place? If this is an homage to Mar-Vell’s original costume, then I would assume that this is the Captain Marvel film. And that later on she gets her blue, red and gold suit that we saw before. Or, it could be a flashback scene from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War film. It’s been speculated that Thanos will disrupt the time flow with the infinity gems. We could very well be seeing the effect of this.

However, I’m betting this being part of the Captain Marvel film. In fact, Kevin Feige was asked if we’d see her before her own movie and he stated that “We’re holding on to her for now”. Meaning she won’t be in any movies until her’s comes around. Of course, this is all speculation and we won’t find out until either Avengers: Infinity War (May 2018) or Captain Marvel’s solo movie (2019)

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