FEH Channel Roundup – First Anniversary Events Revealed

Its been nearly a year since Fire Emblem Heroes released on mobile devices, and Intelligent Systems looks to be bringing in Year 2 with a bang. A month’s worth of new game modes, free characters, and challenge maps revealed during today’s FEH Channel video await new players starting on Jan. 31.

Some of player’s most common complaints were somewhat addressed early in the FEH Channel video. New maps to train certain types of units will be available on Feb. 8. There are maps available for each type of unit, and based on the archer map shown they will be perfect for grinding quick experience. On that map, all the enemy units are Pegasus Knights, naturally weak to bows. While not as effective as the Fire Emblem Warriors maps for SP grinding, these will make it easier for players to train up their characters.


New players or those who missed out on certain Grand Hero battles will have a chance to earn them on Feb. 8 as well. For one day each, Xander, Michalis, Navarre, Narcian, Robin, Ursula, and Lloyd will be available to challenge. 

There will also be plenty of orbs to earn during the month. From Feb. 2 – Mar 7, players can log in to receive 50 orbs once, with 50 more available through challenge maps releasing daily. That’s 100 orbs combined, not counting even more coming via Developer Challenges and Grand Hero Battle quests.

Several summoning events, including a Legendary Hero Banner featuring Vanguard Ike, will be releasing as well. Hero Fest will coincide with the Legendary Hero Banner event, and it will have Sigurd, Brave Ike, Nephenee, and Brave Lyn available at a high 5% starting rate, bringing the 5 star rate to 8 percent total. Meanwhile, the Legendary Hero Banner offers Vanguard Ike and several other rare or seasonal characters at an 8 percent rate. The Hero Fest Banner begins on Feb. 2 while the Legendary Hero Banner opens on Jan. 31. 

What’s more, starting on Feb. 1 at 7 pm PT, players will be able to vote online for their favorite character already in Fire Emblem Heroes. That character will be distributed at a later date for free.


A strange new game mode, currently an event scheduled to run from Feb 8. – Feb 22., called Illusory Dungeon will be added. This event plays like a rhythm game, having players tap the screen at the right moment to defeat an enemy. The prizes from the event have not been detailed, but we’ll find out more soon enough. 

Interestingly, the results for the latest Choose Your Legends voting were not revealed. We’ll keep you posted when those get unveiled. Until then, enjoy the anniversary Summoners! FEH Channel

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