FDG Entertainment Latest Nindie To Proclaim Great Nintendo Switch Sales

Nintendo wasn’t always the best company to appreciate indie game developers, but in recent console generations, they’ve proved that they’ve learned from that mistake. What’s more, with the Nintendo Switch has absolutely boomed when it came to their Nindie titles. Numerous indie game developers have come forward to drop major sales numbers on the system. And today, we got another one: FDG Entertainment.

This group made both Oceanhorn and Blossom Tales, and on Twitter, they revealed how well the games are doing on the Nintendo Switch:


Just so you can get a picture of how good that is. For Oceanhorn, it sold more on Switch than every other console it was on…combined! As for the recent addition of Blossom Tales, on just its launch day, it sold twice as much as it did in its entire lifetime on Steam.

No matter what way you look at it, this is a huge thing for Nintendo. If more and more indie developers try and bring their titles to the Switch? It could bring an even bigger market to the console.

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