Donald Trump Delivers Fictional Call of Duty Fighter Jets to Norway

Adding to the list of things our President says, we can now add this amazing fiction billion dollar sale to Norway. I didn’t take President Trump for a gamer but this was an interesting slip of the tongue. Donald Trump was reading a prepared piece, so does this mean he doesn’t know the difference between a Call of Duty fighter jet and a US F-35 Lockheed Martin? Trump bragged, “In November, we started delivering the first F52s and F-35 fighter jets…” apparently the United States sold 52 fictional jets to Norway. Norway confirmed that there wasn’t an F-52 in their record so where did our President get this information? 

Trump is on the record as saying he doesn’t like email and rarely uses a computer. It is unlikely he’s ever played a video game, but perhaps he’s watched his son Barron play a game that’s rated M? The F-52 made its first appearance in the 2014 game, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Does this mean Trump is taking his Presidential lessons from a video game?

The White House has yet to comment on this statement so I’m going to assume the President thinks video games are real. 

Norway is Europe’s biggest user of the F-35 fighter jets. They received a shipment of them in November 2017 and will continue to build out their fleet. There are no plans to order F-52 jets in the future.  

Source: Forbes


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