The Developer of Neko Atsume’s New Game Is About A Frog

Have you been feeling withdrawal symptoms from Neko Atsume? Now you can clutch your phone tightly again because the developer’s have a new game coming out, Tabi Kaeru. Tabi Kaeru- Journey Frog is similar to the popular cat game, but is more involved than its predecessor. Neko Atsume, which I sank many hours into, was fairly straight forward. You put out cat food to attract cats who then leave you some money. Then you use it to buy cat furniture to attract more kitties. At the moment it’s only in Japanese, but that isn’t stopping people from playing the new game. 



Tabi Kaeru requires more effort. Players gather some clovers, make a lunch, and give the frog a clover. He then goes off on his day. While your frog is away you harvest more clovers. Clovers serve as the currency for the game and you can use it to buy more stuff for your frog. This game is slower than its predecessor. The frog may stay out for many hours, leaving users frustrated if they regularly check their phones. Neko Atsume usually had cats prancing in and out of your yard every so often. Now, you only need to check the game every few hours since the frog takes a long journey. 

Although this is a different game, it will feel familiar to players of Neko Atsume. It shares the same aesthetics and a similar color scheme. If this game was about collecting frogs instead of sending them out on journeys, this could easily be a frog skin for the original game. 

Although this is exciting news, I’m a little saddened because it means another chance to lose a part of my to another phone game. I’ve been making a greater effort to avoid using my phone but now I have another excuse to check my phone to see “the time.” 


Can’t wait for an English version? Check out this Reddit explaining how to play Tabi Kaeru

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