Codemasters Is Teasing Something For Their Arcade Racing Title Onrush

But what exactly are they teasing?

It wasn’t that long ago that Codemasters announced that they were working on a new arcade racing game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. That game being Onrush, which is being developed by members of the ex-PlayStation exclusive developers Evolution Studios. Codemasters managed to scoop up a few, which some others ended up at Wushu Studios.

However, since that announcement, we haven’t heard or seen anything about the title. Well, I think Codemasters got tired of everyone asking “What’s going on with Onrush?” and released a new screenshot today, along with messages.

The screen shoot definitely looks a bit more refined, compared to what they originally released. But the studio wasn’t done just yet and dropped one more… um, bizarre tweet.

So, outside of the pear that’s show using its rear, Codemasters is teasing that we’ll get more Onrush information, tomorrow. But whatever could it be? Your guess is as good as mine, however, if I had to take a guess, my money is on some sort of interview/live stream. Why? Well, if you go back a few days, they seemed to be leading up to this tease.  A tweet from Jan. 22, shows off some recording equipment inside of the Codemasters HQ. A few cameras and some lights, all of which could be used for that live stream or an update video. 

Of course, that’s just my guess. But we’ll find out what exactly is going on, tomorrow. I’m hoping that we’ll see some new footage of Onrush in action then. Seriously, I’m starving for some more arcade racing action. Especially since the genre has all but dried up. Look at all the now dead series; Ridge Racer, Outrun, Motor Storm, San Fran Rush, Project Gotham RacingDriveclub and many others. I could go on and on, but you get the point. Arcade racers need to come back and I’m hoping that Onrush not only quenches my thirst but also shows other companies that the genre isn’t dead.

Here’s to hoping! Please don’t let me down, Codemasters.

Be sure to follow the Onrush Twitter page, here, so you’ll know when they drop the next batch of information.

Onrush releases this Summer 2018, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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