Clinton’s Gaming Deal Emporium – January 27, 2018

Monster Hunter: World released this week, and Doom for under $10?! Welcome to Clinton’s Gaming Deal Emporium!

If you’re like me, unless you’re really looking forward to the game, you’re not always wanting to pay full price for a game you’ll probably throw into your backlog. This is where Clinton’s (that’s me) Gaming Deal Emporium comes into play. Want to know how it works? Check this out:

  • Every week, we seek out some of the best gaming deals from across the retail universe.
  • We compile a list of the best ones and share them with you (with available links/affiliate links) every Saturday/Sunday.

That’s enough talking for now, let’s get to the deals! Remember, all prices are in USD, convert responsibly.

Premier Deal of the Week:

DOOM (Bethesda Softworks): $9.69 at Fanatical

If you haven’t gotten a chance to play the highly regarded reboot of DOOM, take your opportunity now, as you’ll only have until Sunday at 11 am to get this deal (or when allotment runs out, whichever comes first.) Not only that, but there are other Bethesda deals available at Fanatical, such as Wolfenstein 2 for $47.99 (Digital Deluxe) and Fallout 4 GOTY for $35.99.

Speaking of DOOM:

Nintendo Switch eShop Sale (Ends Thursday, Feb. 1)

DOOM on the Nintendo Switch has been pretty well received, and while it isn’t as cheap as its PC counterpart, it’s still a pretty awesome sale. For $41.99, it’s a hard sell for those who are looking for a nice FPS experience on a Nintendo console, this isn’t a bad deal. Couple that with ARMS and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for the same price, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for $34.99 and NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold for $82.49, these aren’t bad deals. Personally, I wouldn’t pick up NBA 2K18, but I’d be tempted to. Just make sure to pick up a 128GB microSD card for your Switch.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus w/Wolfenstein Two-Pack Bundle (Bethesda Softworks) for Xbox One: $38.99 with code ECMPERS69 in cart

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was “mired in controversy” before its release. Most people found that to be bullshit, and that game sold fairly well, winning quite a few awards along the way. The Xbox One version of Wolfenstein II features 4K and HDR support, and as a sweetener for the deal, NewEgg is throwing in the Wolfenstein Two-Pack, which includes The New Order and The Old Blood. Getting all three games for $13 each is kind of insane…and I just bought the bundle. The beautiful thing about this, it’s also ShopRunner eligible, so take advantage of the free 1-year ShopRunner membership with your PayPal or American Express account. Free 2-day shipping, son! Be quick, the sale ends on Monday, January 29.

Insignia Dock Kit for Nintendo Switch: $34.99 at Best Buy

We all know that Nyko’s Portable Switch Dock was a hit. But it was also a miss, damaging the USB-C ports on the Nintendo Switch itself for some. Best Buy has their own low-profile dock, which has a USB 2.0 port, a USB-C port for the AC adaptor, and an HDMI out. It’s not spring-loaded like the official dock and the fit is smug. However, it works as a low profile dock that won’t potentially scratch your screen.

PlayStation 4 Pro with Monster Hunter: World and Titanfall 2: $399 at NewEgg via eBay (Ends Friday, Feb 2)

Sweet deal incoming! If you haven’t gotten your hands on Monster Hunter: World or Titanfall 2, both of which are great games, and you’re in the market for a PlayStation 4, grab this bundle off of eBay for $399. You’ll get the 1-terabyte PlayStation 4 Pro, along with Monster Hunter: World and Titanfall 2, which if you’re new to the PlayStation experience, are two great games to pick up, which will showcase the PS4 Pro’s additional power. Buying these games separately would bring the cost up to $475, so that $75 savings is more than enough for people to rock out on, and get more peripherals for their PS4 Pro.

And there you have it, folks! All of the best deals for your gaming needs and wants for this week. Until next week, friends!

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