So, last week Nintendo surprised all of us with a very sudden (and unannounced) Nintendo Direct Mini. This Direct gave details on several games that would be coming out within the first few months of the year (with the last dated one being in May). This included big 3rd party titles and a few surprises along the way like a port of The World Ends With You. But, for some, it left them a bit…unsatisfied.

Don’t get us wrong, the Nintendo Direct Mini had games, and when a Dark Souls title makes it onto a Nintendo platform? That’s big news. But, there weren’t any real MAJOR surprises, or at least, not in the 1st party department. It left people wanting…more, which may now get, and soon.

An “insider” posted on Resetera that another Nintendo Direct Mini was on its way…and it might be this week. Reports conflict on whether it’ll arrive on the 18th, or just before the month ends. With Nintendo, there’s no way to predict it.

The upcoming Direct will be a mini, so likely between 8-15 minutes. However, the insider also stated that a full-length Direct could be arriving in February, and would feature new information on the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title.

To be clear, this is a rumor, and there have been plenty of rumors about Nintendo Directs that turned out to be wrong. So be hopeful, but don’t go believing that this is law, it’s not, especially not with Nintendo.

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