It was announced today by Forbes that Amazon has decided to discontinue their Anime Strike service. While this sounds scary at first, anime fans will rejoice to know that Amazon listened to your complaints and suggestions and included anime in with their standard Amazon Prime subscription!

Until this point, Anime Strike was an “add-on service” that had Prime members pay an extra $5 per month in order to access anime titles licensed for distribution by Amazon. Anime Strike wasn’t the only channel to receive this treatment either. It was also confirmed by an Amazon spokesperson that Heera, their Bollywood content channel, was also folded into their standard Prime subscription.

“We have decided to move the curated catalogs of Anime Strike and Heera into Prime Video so that more customers can enjoy this content as part of their Prime membership,” the spokesperson said.

The Anime Strike Twitter account has also ceased operations. The Twitter account originally went silent over the summer and now we know the reason why. Anime can now be found in the Prime Video section and Outerhaven’s own Keith Mitchell confirmed this with his personal Amazon Prime account as seen in the screenshots below! At this time the anime can only be searched, they haven’t implemented a section for it just yet. Though I imagine a section will be added soon.

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, there is nothing extra you need to do. Simply log in and start enjoying anime!

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