While the X-Men franchise has done well for Fox, it’s been mainly group films with too many solo movies for Wolverine. Fans have clamored for their favorites to take to the screen in their own stand-alone adventures. Now, it finally looks like a another member of the mutant team is going to get some time in the lime light. Deadpool director Tim Miller is developing a solo film for Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat, and may also be directing it as well.

Kitty Pryde is a young mutant who has the power to pass through solid mass and is one of the most popular characters on the superhero team. She played an integral role in Days of Future Past, though her role in the story got switched from the original comic. In the past films, she’s been played by Ellen Page, but there’s no indication that Page would necessarily come back to reprise her role. There’s currently no information if the film would be based on any already-existing pollen from the comics or if this would be a totally original story.

However, one potential hiccup for it coming to fruition is the upcoming Disney-Fox merger, which might alter the creative direction of the X-Men franchise as a whole. Still, it would be a win for Disney to have a female superhero solo movie coming out, especially since Captain Marvel continued to be pushed back in favor of other solo films. Miller is also a busy man, what with already having signed on to helm the Sonic the Hedgehog movie and the next Terminator film.

This isn’t the first time a Kitty Pryde movie has been floated. Joss Whedon reportedly ran the idea by Fox in 2009 but the studio was supposedly not interested. Juno director Jason Reitman also toyed with the idea of a film, which would have starred Page and been written by Juno writer Diablo Cody. Time will tell if this project falls to the wayside yet again.

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