And it doesn’t revolve around Peter Parker

For the longest while, Marvel has been walking a fine line when it comes to their Spider heroes. Sure, we all know about the original Spider-Man, our buddy Peter Parker. And I’m sure most of us also know of the other, Miles Morales and even Spider-Gwen. But what if I told you that there’s a vast number of those that we only see in comics or in certain Marvel animated shows? It would likely blow your mind.

Well, turns out that Sony wants to blow your mind. In fact, they’ve just announced that they’re working on a new animated movie that will feature all those characters. ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’, will be the first of many titles (I hope) that looks into the universe of Marvel’s Spider characters. The movie will be released Christmas 2018.

So even though it’s so far away, why am I excited for this? Besides being a huge Spider-Man fan, the trailer they provided instills a bit of confidence that they’re reviewing the source material. Here we see Miles Morales cruising the city, doing this heroic duty and chasing after who looks to be the Prowler. That also just happens to be his uncle, Aaron Davis. Before that, we get glimpses of him, waiting for the subway. Visiting the grave of Peter Parker of his universe, who died fighting the Green Goblin. Him chilling on a building (in his Nikes), with him finally jumping off into the night.


Finally, we see him sitting down while someone. Someone who’s discussing to him what’s happening that there are more people like them.That person being Peter Park, the Spider-Man of the 616 universe. Explaining to him what’s going on, and why. Seeing how the movie is “Spider-verse”, I’m assuming this will either be the same 2014 “Spider-Verse” Marvel Comics event or very similar.


During that run, the all the Spider heroes in the universes were being hunted down and used for food by Morlun and his family, called the Inheritors. The heroes band together, call themselves the Web Warriors and well, you’ll have to check out that series to find out more. It’s a good run so I won’t spoil it.

Christmas 2018, is it Marvel and Sony? Well, I’m counting down the days.

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