Ubisoft To Open Up For Honor Dedicated Server Testing

Here come the dedicated servers

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It’s no secret that before the release of For Honor, the gaming community had begged and pleaded with Ubisoft to add dedicated server support. Sadly, much to their disappointment, the game was rolled out with Peer to Peer. A flawed system that has caused a large number of gamers to discontinue playing the game. I can attest to this, as there’ nothing more annoying than having the host drop mid-game. Only to have the game paused, while a new host is selected. It just stinks.

Well, Ubisoft eventually got the message and announced via their roadmap that dedicated server support was coming to the PC. That was a few months ago. Since then we haven’t heard much about their plans. That is until today, as they announced that they’ll start testing their dedicated server infrastructure this upcoming weekend. From December 14, 5 AM PST/8AM EST to December 17, 5 PM PST/8PM EST, gamers will be able to stress test the dedicated servers. This invitation will be extended to all platforms (PS4/X1/PC), as well as players who don’t own a copy of the game. Those who help out Ubisoft with the testing will be added to a raffle, with rewards being exclusive For Honor in-game rewards.

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The Open Test will take place on a custom test client fully relying on dedicated servers. Participants will be able to use the full roster of heroes in 1v1 Duel, 4v4 Dominion, and 4v4 Tribute modes. Those who are interested in participating can pre-load the test client for free on all available platforms starting December 13 at 1M PST/4PM EST. All in-game rewards earned from participation in the Open Test will be granted to the players’ main game accounts after the event and will carry over for new players who purchase the main game. 

The team has worked tirelessly on the implementation of dedicated servers, while at the same time reinforcing and improving the current online infrastructure. This has already led to a better online experience for our players,” said Stéphane Cardin, Senior Producer at Ubisoft

I have to say this is good news for everyone. Hopefully, the testing works out well and that we’ll see the dedicated servers pushed live. For more info on the dedicated servers, check out www.forhonorgame.com/opentest

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