This Week In Esports December 16, 2017

Eleague, Capcom Cup, and ECS Finals

The end is the year is upon us.  As people across the world travel to meet with loved ones the electronic battlefields are as busy as ever.  Games played out across multiple titles this past week and The OuterHaven has this week’s esports highlights.  

Esports on TBS

It’s not every day that we hear about esports being put on television, but that’s exactly what’s happening on TBS.  ELEAGUE , an esports tournament and content brand formed in partnership between Turner and IMG, is better known in the Counter-Strike circles.  The brand has been expanding into other games including titles such as Overwatch, the fighting game Injustice 2, and most recently Rocket League.  The ELEAGUE Cup, a Rocket league tournament with a $150,000 prize pool was held over the first three days of December in Atlanta, Georgia at the ELEAGUE Arena.  After three days of impressive goals G2 Esports had claimed victory winning the final 4-3 over Gale Force esports. 

In conjunction with the event TBS also televised a three-part The ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League feature series that started on Friday, Dec. 1st.  Additional episodes aired the following Friday evenings, December 8th and 15th.  It’s always exciting to see Rocket League played at the highest level and it’s doubly exciting to know that the same action is being introduced to households everywhere.  

The Capcom Pro Tour Ends with the Capcom Cup

32 players fought it out in Anaheim, California each hoping to win the Capcom Cup and the $250,000 prize that came with it.  31 of the players in the cup had been invited previously either through participation in the 2016 Capcom Cup or through the Global Ranking Point Leaderboard throughout the year with the last spot going to a Last Chance Qualifier winner at the cup itself.  

The Dominican Republic’s RISE|MenaRD and ECHO FOX|Tokido of Japan battled it out in an explosive grand final match.  The two had faced off previously in the tournament with Tokido winning that contest.  MenaRD had battled back from the losers bracket to face Tokido again 

RISE|MenaRD won the grand final winning the Capcom Cup and becoming the World Street Fighter V Champion.  In addition to the prize money MenaRD will have his name engraved onto the trophy.  

If you missed any of the action you can watch it all here.  

ECS Season Four Finals

The Esports Championship Series (ECS) Season four Finals are going on this weekend.  The CS:GO action started on the 15th at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, Mexico.  The tournament consisted of the top eight teams from Europe and NA facing off against each other in a group stage.  The top four teams will then advance to the finals tomorrow, December 17th.  The first match will be at 2:15 PM UTC and pit Astralis against Mousesports.  Then, at 5:15 PM Fnatic and FaZe Clan will face off.  The winners of these contests will have an 8:15 PM to determine the winner.  Finals will be streamed live on YouTube.

It was an exciting week but the year isn’t over just yet.  Check back in with The OuterHaven next week for more esports highlights.