If you’re looking to turn your brain off each and every week, there is usually one show in an anime season that will let you do that. This is that show. Funnily enough, I decided to pick up this show based on the title alone and up until it’s debut, I had not read the synopsis for it… the title alone intrigued me that much. Let’s take a look at Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Shobitch na Ken (My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch.)

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The Story

Hi and welcome to the story section…

…and we’re done here!

Okay, maybe not completely, but if you’re looking for a deep-seeded story with compelling plot twists, engaging moments and a feeling that you cannot miss next week’s episode, then you are the wrong show, my friend. Shobitch doesn’t really have a story as this is an episodic anime that is mainly driven by its characters, but if I had to give this show a story, it’s about a boy named Haruka who is in love with his class president and decides to, one day, confess his love to her. She accepts, but there’s one little problem… Haruka is the first boyfriend she has ever had and thinks that the only way to please him would be to become a sexual slave to him… sort of.

Okay, so maybe not a slave, but Kousaka is very misinformed about men and it leads to hilarity if you have a mind dirty enough to withstand the level of toilet humor this show presents. This show is, quite literally, sex joke after sex joke for 24 minutes straight without pumping the brakes at any point. You may think something along the lines of “Oh, he must trip and fall into her boobs or something and there’s this giant misunderstanding.” Nope… it’s more like….

These are the important lessons!

The only actual continuing story throughout the series is whether or not these two will finally realize that they love each other and, sure enough, in the final episode they confess their love to one another, thus answering that questions, but hey… let’s face it. You’re not here for the story… you’re just here for all the perversion!


Haruka Shinozaki

Haruka is a character type you’ve seen before in almost every type of romcom out there. He’s the level-headed, easily embarrassed type who is the butt of everyone’s jokes, but continues to press forward with optimism. Haruka is about as bland as they come, but in a show like this, you can’t really expect anything more out of the lead character. After all, most of the attention and focus is put on Kousaka.

Akiho Kousaka

She’s the class president and Haruka’s girlfriend. While she is extremely inept when it comes to men, a lot of that has to do with her mother. Her mother is the exact same way and she passed along her ineptness to Akiho as she was growing up. (See the screenshot above for a prime example of that.) In case you need another example…

More than a couple of teaspoons?

Because of these… erm… parental life lessons… it’s no wonder Kousaka is the way she is. Despite the fact that she’s inept, she really is trying to be the best girlfriend she can be. She genuinely doesn’t want to screw up and make a good impression on Haruka, which is pretty sweet. That nuance about her easily gets lost in between all of the sex jokes and, in a way, it makes you feel a bit sad for her.

Shizuku Ariyama

She’s Haruka’s childhood friend and a sexual deviant in her own right. Haruka called her nee-san because they are so close that he considers her to be like a sister to him. Shizuku is very tomboyish and will twist simple events into the most perverted misconceptions imaginable.

Kanata Shinozaki

She is Haruka’s younger sister and she has a brother complex. It’s almost to the point of a desire for incest. She wears a cat hoodie which makes her design pretty cute, but I couldn’t help but find her annoying. She’s just there for an occasional sex joke as if this series needed any more of them.

That actually wraps up the major characters. The short descriptions should tell you that there really isn’t much depth here. Again, with a show like this, you shouldn’t be expecting much.

Art, Animation, and Sound

Diomedea and Studio Blanc leant their talents to this show and for a show as low brow as this one, it had some pretty decent animation. While the animation wasn’t the best thing you’ll see, it was certainly far better than some of the other series I watched (COUGHousamagameCOUGH). I liked Kousaka’s design the most as she stood out, but Haruka’s design was about as bland as they come. Given his bland personality, I guess the design fit perfectly! Even Kanata and Shizuku stood out more than Haruka did… especially Kanata with her cat hoodie. It’s like they gave all the attention to detail to every character except the main, but that’s how it typically goes with shows like these. Haruka certainly isn’t build to move merchandise.

Is this Eromanga-sensei 2?

Outside of that, everything else is forgettable. I can’t really recall any track from the OST and the opening theme is about as generic as they get. I never really bothered listening to the ending theme more than once for my First Reaction because it, too, was pretty generic and uninteresting. I do have to give the studio props for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica reference… that one actually cracked me up!

When the lunch you make is so bad, it asks you to make a pact…

Overall Thoughts

Shobitch certainly isn’t an anime for everyone. You have to have a really perverted sense of humor to enjoy a show like this. Even with possessing such a type of humor, I couldn’t stomach this show past episode four. I found the jokes funny at first, but when it’s just episode after episode after episode of the same humor, it just got really old really fast. I was actually able to scrub through a few episodes of the series and still understand exactly what was going on.

Yes, this series really is that shallow.

Had the jokes been more sporadic and the story a little more developed, this could have been an amazing romcom, but the show killed itself with and over-saturation of sex jokes that even the more perverted would get tired of hearing.

This is the real question you need to ask yourself before watching this show

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Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Shobitch na Ken


It’s a show full of sex jokes. What more needs to be said? It’s only ten episodes so I guess if you wanted to take the load all in one shot, you could… although the show is a bit much to swallow.


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