She’s Back – Netflix Announces ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2

It’s hard to deny that The Defenders was kind of a disappointment, salvaged only by the fact that we got to see some of our favorite characters back in action. But the wait for the solo-series continuations is over. Netflix has just announced the date for the second season of Jessica Jones.

Season 1 was all about Jessica dealing with Kilgrave, the man who essentially kidnapped, tortured, and raped her as he continued on a spree of death and destruction. In The Defenders, we saw her trying to pull her life back together after the grueling mental battle. In the new trailer, however, it looks like Jones is ready to come back swinging. Her detective agency is back in business, snooping around and doing amazing physical feats. 

But there’s also an undercurrent of finding out what exactly happened to her in the car crash that gave her new powers. We will also be seeing David Tennant as Kilgrave again, likely just as a memory or hallucination, as we see in these new shots. No sight of any of the other Defenders running around, not even Luke Cage who was part of season 1. 

There’s also a fun new fact behind of the scenes of this season — all the episodes will be directed by women. No names are out just yet, but we’re sure to have a full list any day now. We also have a new cast member: J.R. Ramirez will play Oscar, the new superintendent of Jones’s building. There are rumors he might be the new love interest, which given the quick look at Jones kissing some unseen man, may very well be true. Leah Gibson will also be joining the cast in the mysterious role of Ingrid.

Jessica Jones season 2 is set to premiere on Netflix on March 8, 2018.

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