We live in a world full of stereotypes, it’s not an insult, it’s just the way it is. Whether it’s movies, television, comics, or video games, you often see certain tropes over and over again. One of them being the “damsel in distress” stereotype, where a woman is in danger and only a man can save her. In fact, that’s the backbone of many fairy tales, as well as video games. But, Ker-Chunk games is looking to flip the script in a big way, and thus made a puzzle game called PrinceNapped.

If not obvious, the game is about a prince who is in distress and needs saving. And the only one who can save him is a Bounty Huntress named Clara. Through 75 levels you’ll use Clara and her skills to guide Prince Edwin through the puzzles so he can reach a warp point for the next level. But, it’s not an easy challenge, there are over 750 puzzles pieces that can be found throughout the game, you’ll need to use Clara’s wits and abilities to get the job done and save the prince.

“Most of the games we play have strong male protagonists. When we started making PrinceNapped, we wanted to do something different that would make women feel like they were powerful,” said Molly Proffitt, CEO and Lead Gameplay Designer at Ker-Chunk Games. “We stuck to our vision and we made it a reality.  It is our goal that we can start to change the way people perceive women as players. We hope that with more games featuring strong female characters, we can make a difference and give a voice to women everywhere.”

If you’re looking for even more of a challenge in PrinceNapped, you can try and complete the levels fast and puts your score on the online leaderboards in order to see how you stack up.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, you can get PrinceNapped for free on iOS.

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