Get In-Game Overwatch League Skins Early 2018

There’s been no small amount of talk among fans of Blizzard’s multiplayer hit Overwatch about this.  Overwatch League (OWL) team skins have been theorized by fans since the announcement of the league in 2016.  Since then Blizzard has rolled out significant improvements to the skins being worn by the heroes in competitive games.  The Overwatch World Cup at Blizzcon 2017 featured colorful and distinctive skins for the different countries.  Later as the different league teams were announced each team announcement was accompanied by the logo and an Overwatch character in the teams colors.  Fans of these teams have been anxiously awaiting any word on whether or not they would be able to get these skins for themselves and support their teams in-game.  

Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer starred in a video today that confirmed that these skins will be available to players for purchase.  The video was brief, coming in under two minutes, but was packed with info.  They’ll be a link to the video at the end of this article but for the impatient here are the major points:

Skins will be Available Early 2018

It’s a nebulous time-frame to be sure, but it’s all we have to go on right now.  Given the hype around Overwatch league and Blizzards track record, we shouldn’t have to wait too long.  

The Skins will be Available on all Current Platforms

Nanzer took care to list the three platforms by name; PC, PS4, and Xbox One, when discussing the skins.  

Home Team Uniforms

Nazer specifically mentions the home team uniforms will be available.  What exactly this means for away uniforms in the future is unclear but for now only home colors are confirmed.  Nate does confirm that all 12 teams will have skins avaiable.  

The Sales of these Skins will Support the Teams

Nanzer mentions that the sale of these skins “will provide monetary support for teams in the league”.  He went on to discuss how a “separate league token system” has been developed to help in this.  These league tokens are specifically for OWL and Nanzer said that “League tokens will only be used for Overwatch League in-game content.”  Savvy watchers will notice that Nate doesn’t specifically say that the tokens are only for the skins, but that they are for OWL content.  Weather this means other OWL in-game content could be in the future or nothing at all remains to be seen.  The price of these tokens was not mentioned. 

Skins will be Available for all 26 heroes 

Nanzer stated that the league tokens will allow you to buy “the exact team skins you want.” 


The hype continues to build as the preseason approaches.  Preseason play starts this Wednesday and the regular season starts January 10th.  You can see the announcement video here.  Maybe the best part of the video was Nate’s announcement that during the first month the skins are available everyone who logs in will receive enough of the tokens to purchase a team skin.  Which team skins are you looking forward to?   


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