Nintendo has had one heck of a year. Between its mobile games (including big hit Fire Emblem Heroes and recently released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp), the 3DS lineup (which was bulkier than many expected), and of course, the launch and success of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has a lot to be proud of. But, with the ending of one year comes the arrival of another, and there’s no doubt that Nintendo has to do well in 2018 in order to continue its great momentum, Tatsumi Kimishima agrees with that.

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has done a slew of interviews this week that highlight Nintendo’s plans for all their devices. For example, they’re working hard to make sure that there are 2-3 mobile games in the upcoming year, even saying that they have a “dev plan” in place for it.

In regards to the Switch, Kimishima noted that something Nintendo is aiming to do in the new year is use the HD Rumble feature on the Joy-Con to greater effect. Also, players should expect more games to use both it, and the special camera that the Nintendo Switch has.

He also noted that Nintendo’s recent DLC trend is because they want their games to be played “long-term”. It’ll be interesting to see what games in the 2018 lineup get DLC.

Tatsumi Kimishima wouldn’t divulge what’s coming for Switch in 2018, but he did encourage those who just got the system to try out the games that came out in 2017. We can’t deny that, it was a heck of a lineup.

Oh, and apparently, Nintendo is working on its next console. But don’t put too much into it, he said himself that the ideas change as technology evolves.

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