New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Shows Kid Buu In Action

Two weeks ago, a new trailer was released that showed off that pint-sized Saiyan warrior (no, not Vegeta) Gotenks. Along with the video was an image of Kid Buu. So guess what dropped this morning? You got it, a brand new Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer that shows off what Kid Buu can do.

So we now have two versions of Buu in Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, unlike Fat Buu/Good Buu, Kid Buu is a completely different beast. While being quite skinnier, Kid Buu is definitely the striker between the two. He’s faster, his attacks come out much quicker and he appears to have a bit more reach compared to other characters.

In the video, he shows this off by digging his leg into the ground, which strikes Goku who is about two character distances away from him. Once he connects, he knocks him forward for a devastating hit which bounces Goku away. Only to be caught by Kid Buu’s arm which extends to grab Goku out of the air. He also has a fair share of energy blast attacks. Including one that looks like Frieza’s Supernova attack (the giant ball of death).

Well damn Bandai Namco, I didn’t expect Kid Buu to be so savage and yet so awesome. Now I’m starting to wonder how long it will be before we see Super Buu. Can you imagine that? A team full of Buu’s? I can….

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on Jan 26th, 2017, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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