When Nintendo began their “mobile initiative”, it was unclear just how successful it would be. Pokemon GO set the tone, Super Mario Run stumbled a bit, Fire Emblem Heroes became one of the hit games of 2017, and the recent Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has charmed many. But, despite these successes, the rate at which the games are coming is very slow. The gap between Heroes and Pocket Camp was over 9 months, and at one time, Nintendo said they wanted to release a year.

But, all this could be changing very soon, as The Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo is now actively looking for other developers to help make their mobile titles, not unlike what Niantic is doing with Pokemon GO. They’ve even apparently contacted GungHo Online Entertainment, who is the team behind the popular Puzzles & Dragons series, which should show how series they are about this.

This is a big move, but one that makes sense given the great year they’ve had, they want to keep the momentum going, and being as we don’t know what the next mobile game from the Big N will be, now is the perfect time to ensure that the pipeline will keep cranking out titles.

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