Toei Animation of Japan is interested in expanding their reach all the way across the globe to Saudi Arabia by teaming up with their Manga Productions company. The goal is to produce both television anime titles and anime films that will air in both countries. As of right now, Manga Productions focuses on creating animation as well as video games. The company is under the umbrella of MiSK which is owned and operated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. While Salman is the overall owner of the parent company, Bukhari Isam is the CEO and owner of Manga Productions.

Isam stated that “his company will do pre-production or prepare deigning content to be produced in Japan.” All productions will be seek international targets and demographics. 

The first title slated as a joint release is The Woodcutter’s Treasure. It will be a 20 minute OVA that is centered around Saudi Arabia’s folklore. As of now, production is complete on both the Arabic and Japanese versions of the animation with promotional videos already released. While no release date has been announced for it just yet, it will be airing on both Japanese and Arabian television. The team is also working on preparing a 90-minute animation as well as a 13-episode series, also based on that same folklore.

This isn’t the first time Saudi Arabia has teamed with a Japanese company. Previously, media content company ARiNAT teamed with GAINAX in 2016 for an anime collaboration. As of today, ARiNAT’s website is no longer active.

The Woodcutter’s Treasure Promotional Video

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