Many anime fans most likely know director Mamoru Hosoda for his critical darlings, like Summer Wars, Wolf Children, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Well, good news, Hosoda is back on the scene, with his latest film about time travel, Mirai no Mirai.

Translating to “Mirai of the Future” (Mirai in Japanese means ‘Future’ hence the play on words), Mirai no Mirai returns to the theme of time travel, which Hosoda has played with in films like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Digimon: The Movie. The plot of the film follows a young 4-year-old boy named Kun-chan who meets the older version his younger sister Mirai when she travels back in time, though for what purpose is unknown. We do know that the little boy feels threatened by his sister, feeling she is more loved than he is, so perhaps the two will form a bond through this experience. 

The teaser above doesn’t show us much except for their meeting and some cute shots of the kid being a little kid. In a interview with Variety, Hosoda noted that siblings and time would be big themes, continuing on the very human themes from his other hit films. 

Mirai no Mirai is set to come out in July of 2018 in Japan, with no word on an English-language release date.