The Nintendo Switch is the hottest console on the market right now, without question. It’s sold over 11 million units in 10 months (give or take). And it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. So, not surprisingly, more and more developers are announcing that in 2018 they’ll be doing their best to support the newest Nintendo platform. This now includes Level-5.

Now, there had been rumors for some time that Level-5 would be bringing their games to the Switch, but it was unclear which ones, or when they would arrive. But, in an interview with 4Gamer, CEO Akihiro Hino noted that the team would “put their power” in the console  in the upcoming year. 

Now, as to what that means…that’s debatable. Level-5 has worked with Nintendo before, but mainly in their handheld line. They brought Yo-Kai Watch and the Professor Layton series to their handhelds the DS and the 3DS. To much success and acclaim. But, the console games that the studio has produced could also potentially come over. Many are hoping that Ni No Kuni I and II get ported onto the Switch. Which might be possible given the sequels recent delay.

What Level-5 games would you like to see on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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