Injustice 2 Joins The Free Trial Club

Now you can check out Injustice 2 for free

Not wanting to be outdone, it looks like WB Games and Netherrealm have announced that Injustice 2 will also have a free trial. Available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and now, the PC, gamers will b able to play Injustice 2 for free. A smart move and one that will allow those who weren’t 100% sure about the game to check it out.

However, there’s a catch – the trail is a limited time trial. It’s also only limited to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Starting today and running up until December 18, 2017, you be able to play the game in its entirety. If you decide to purchase it, you’ll be able to do so at 50% off as well.

My only question is, why isn’t the PC version of the game available for the trial as well? What gives, WB Games?

Injustice 2 is currently available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam).