The hits keep dropping on the Nintendo Switch and there are no signs of that slowing down. The most recent announcement is for that top-down, action-packed dungeon crawler meets shooter title, Enter the Gungeon. Yep, this game is making its debut on the Nintendo Switch and will be released on Dec. 14th.

In Enter the Gungeon, gamers will explore a tower in hopes of finding the ultimate prize – A gun that can kill the past. Controller multiple characters, all who have their reasons for their search for the gun. But it won’t be easy as all sorts of enemies, traps and more await you.

No word on what extra features (if any) will be available for the Switch. But just the fact that you’ll be able to take this game on the go, well that’s enough for me.

And while you’re reading this, why not check out our review of the title here. We checked it out on the PC and loved it. So I’m sure the Nintendo Switch is going to be just as good – or even better.