While I haven’t played a DJMAX game in quite some time, I’m excited about this bit of news. Neowiz has announced that DJMAX RESPECT is making its way over to the West. It will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in 2018. The last time I checked out DJMAX was DJMAX Portable 3, and that was on the PSP! Dang, that brings back memories.

“DJMAX RESPECT is an homage to over 10 years of DJMAX for its loyal fans the world over,” says Ki Won Lee, CEO of Neowiz. “We’re thrilled to bring this landmark series back to the global Playstation audience.”

Since this is a culmination of every DJMAX game ever made, the tracklist is going to be huge. In fact, the game will include 147 songs, with 40 new tracks created exclusively for DJMAX RESPECT. All past tracks will be completely remastered, while the game runs at 1080p@60FPS.  There will also be an achievement system, leaderboard, as well as local (arcade and mission modes) and online gameplay. 

Neowiz is also taking signups for anyone who uploads gaming content or streams. You can head over to http://mwe.pmang.com/Respect/partner to sign up via the partner program.

DJMAX RESPECT will also make an appearance at PSX 2017, which takes places on December 8th thru 9th, 2017. The title is also currently available for the PlayStation 4 in Japan.

Well, I can’t wait for this. I know I’ll be rusty as all heck, but I’m definitely down for this.