Detective Pikachu Will Be Voiced…By Ryan Reynolds?!

Definitely didn’t see this one coming.

Since the news  of the Legendary’s live action Pokemon movie of Detective Pikachu, many wonder who would voice our iconic yellow electric mouse. Many wanted to have Danny Devito to voice Pikachu, even though he had no idea what Pokemon is. After waiting and casting, we have our man. The lovable Canadian and the face of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds.

Detective Pikachu Will Be Voiced...By Ryan Reynolds?!

As reported in the Hollywood Reporter, he will be joining fellow star Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton in the movie. Only sparse details are available about the plot. The report states that Smith’s characters father will be kidnapped and that he will meet up with Pikachu to help him find his father. While Newton’s character is of a journalist who will help them, while still wanting the scoop.  Universal Pictures will be handling distribution outside Japan.

Detective Pikachu Will Be Voiced...By Ryan Reynolds?!

We already a moment when we had Pikachu spoke clear English for the first time Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! To hear Pikachu talk again will be interesting to say the least. Will it be similar to Devito’s Jersey accent? A light tone that matches his voice? Will it be like Deadpool in which he is so sarcastic that he is cynical of the details? The possibilities are there. Regardless, it is good to see that Detective Pikachu will have a prolific actor.  Personally I think he will do the role proud. Not that it rivals that to Otani Ikue.

Detective Pikachu is currently in production.


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