Nope: Cuphead Is Now Available On iOS Devices?

Update: Apparently this is 100% fake. StudioMHDR has confirmed that the version of Cuphead on iTunes is a fake. That said, we don’t recommend that you download this. Don’t support this crap. And shame on Apple for letting someone falsify this and adding it to iTunes. Thanks for HDKirin for the heads up. So, Apple, about that process?

Original story: Now you can play this tough as nails game on the go

Well, I guess you could argue that Cuphead isn’t a Microsoft exclusive anymore. I mean, it’s now available for most iOS devices as of today. Yes, you heard (figurately) correctly. Cuphead is now available to play on your Apple iPads and iPhones. Now you’ll be able to play one of the best and hard as nail indie games of 2017… on the go.

You’ll need iOS 7 or later to play it, meaning that most iOS devices will be able to play it. You can head over to iTunes and download it for just $4.99. That said, this game caused people to toss their controllers at walls and thru other things. I’m not so sure how the touch controls would work on this. But apparently, StudioMDHR (fake link) that heads to seems to think it will work out just fine.

cuphead-ios-02 cuphead-ios-01

Just don’t blame me if you pick this up and end up chucking your iPhone or iPad at the wall, breaking it in the process. I’ll be sure to check out the game on my daughters iPhone since I’m an Android user. I sure hope I don’t get raged while playing it.

Now that the game is out for iOS, could an Android port be in the works? Maybe even a Nintendo Switch version? And for the record, I thought Cuphead wasn’t that hard.

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