COSPLAY BY McCALLS Romantique Pattern Review

Romantique is a two garment pattern from COSPLAY by McCall’s that contains a bed jacket and camisole. It’s really cute! I see lots of uses for this pattern let’s get into the details. 

COSPLAY BY McCALLS Romantique Pattern ReviewHere are the specs:

Skill level: Easy

Sizes: XS, S, M

Pattern number: M2109

Inside are pattern pieces for a tie-front jacket with gathered sleeves and a camisole that can be made with an elasticized neckline or with a button front closure. I like version C a lot more than B, manly because the B version is cropped and doesn’t flatter the model’s shape, in my opinion. The thinness of the straps connecting to a puffy, gathered top makes it look like the model’s boobs are running away from each other, much like when a woman lies down and the ladies slide to the sides. It’s not flattering. Maybe that’s a cut better worn by someone with less blessings. I’d volunteer myself for that visual, but I’m too lazy to make a top I’m not committed. 

COSPLAY BY McCALLS Romantique Pattern ReviewCOSPLAY BY McCALLS Romantique Pattern ReviewCOSPLAY BY McCALLS Romantique Pattern Review I really like the longer top in this pattern along with the jacket. 

What’s Inside: 

There are 23 pattern pieces, making this an easy and painless pattern to sew. All three tops are easy to make, with easy to follow instructions. The jacket is 10 pieces, top B is 6 pieces, and C is 7 pieces. You  could easily make everything in this envelop in a few days (I say a few because you should eat and sleep). What I like the most is that this pattern will not break the bank. It doesn’t require a great deal of fabric and trimmings compared to other patterns in this line. 

One thing I noticed, on the McCall’s website, you’ll notice it says that each pattern comes with ‘bonus tips.’ The earlier patterns in the cosplay line were packaged in a thick envelope that unfolded. Inside the flap, McCall’s printed tips and other useful information about the pattern. All of the new patterns come in thin envelopes and I don’t see tips printed anywhere. If you scroll further down on the pattern’s purchase page, you can find this: 


This design is chock-full of trims and embellishments that you can have fun with!

The jacket is encircled with gorgeous lace trim. Express yourself by embellishing your lace with beading and sequins. Or try embroidering the lace motifs with contrasting or metallic threads.

Another fun way to change up the jacket is to add a purchased collar. There are a variety of collars available online, or in craft and sewing stores. Or, if you prefer, repurpose a vintage collar from a flea market find.

One of the cami views requires button closures. Why use all matching buttons when you can mix it up for an eclectic look? Mix silver and gold metallic buttons, rhinestone and pearl buttons, or buttons with different motifs. Don’t settle for just one single button motif.


Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, but I couldn’t find this inside the envelope, printed anywhere on it, or in the directions. I guess this means if you want tips, you need to go on the web to the McCall’s page. I can understand going to a smaller, cheaper packaging for many reasons but now I feel spoiled having had it printed on the inside flap of the packaging. Maybe McCall’s has this printed somewhere and I missed it? This isn’t a deal breaker as it’s not often that a pattern comes with ‘tips’ or fancy packaging. In fact, it won’t change my ability to sew the pattern so I guess if I want some advice, I could just look at the website.  


This pattern isn’t a necessity to your sewing box, but I think the jacket is adorable and I want it on me, now. 

*This item was provided for review. 

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