Capcom Reveals Characters for Street Fighter V Season Three

Some familiar faces are returning

The Cherry Blossom warrior and the King of Muay Thai make their returns to the Street Fighter Franchise alongside Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, beginning January 16, 2018.

Sakura and Sagat were two of six fighters revealed in the trailer during this year’s Capcom Cup at the PlayStation Experience 2017 in Anaheim, alongside old favorites such as Blanka and Cody, as well as new characters Falke and G.

Capcom Reveals Characters for Street Fighter V Season Three

As revealed in the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Trailer, Cody and Sakura have recieved some interesting new looks, with Cody seemingly entering the business world after his stint in prison, and Sakura having finished school and is still traveling the world to become as strong as Ryu.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and Sakura, along with the 2018 Character Pass, will be arriving on Steam and PlayStation 4 on January 16th, 2018.

Editor’s Note: Capcom is looking to have quite the marquee year, and not just for fighting games. MegaMan 11 and every MegaMan X title across all platforms, both Legacy Collections for Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter: World (check out our live stream from the beta,) Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and potentially all the United States Phoenix Wright games (and a new title) for the Nintendo Switch. In addition, Nintendo sees not only Street Fighter Alpha 3, but all the Street Fighter III entries for the first time, with Third Strike and Alpha 3 getting online play for all 4 platforms (Steam, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.) It also now makes sense why 3SOE never made it to Xbox Backwards Compatibility, as well. This is good for Capcom, as long as they can keep their public image good, coming off of one of the most unhype years they’ve ever had (Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, anyone?)

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