Bandai Creates Sailor Moon Dress Collection

Throw your money at the screen now, because Bandai has made another adorable Sailor Moon miniature collection that is going to look so damn cute on your dresser. The new collection, “Cherie Closet” comes with an outfit displayed neatly on a mannequin. These are so elegant it would be couture if they didn’t have velcro. 

The first wave from Bandai features the Senshi uniforms of Moon, Mercury, and Mars. They’re not only adorable reproductions of the uniforms, but each one comes with a charm that is attached at the waist. I thought I had sworn myself off and could keep myself away from buying more of these miniatures at conventions, but this may be the collection that breaks me.  I went two whole conventions this year without buying one Sailor Moon item. 

A lot of thought went into the creation of these. They were designed using 1mm pattern paper and constructed with metallic fabric to create a shine throughout. Should you want to keep them in the box (like I do), they live in pale pink packages similar to the Twinkle Dolly collections. Available now for 4860 Yen. 

Just look at them!



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