Apply for Twitch’s Reality TV Show

Are you a streamer on Twitch looking for more internet fame and fortune so you can stream all day and quit your day job? Apply now for a chance to win $5000 a month for a full year. This first production by Twitch is called Stream On and will focus on the lives of game streamers on Twitch, obviously. If you qualify for Twitch’s partnership program than you qualify for this new show, assuming you live in North America. 

Stream On will take place across several channels on Twitch. The game will pit streamers against each other in a series of challengers that will ultimately determine the winner. Prepare to never be friends again with your fellow streamers who will undoubtedly want that $5k a month to themselves. Viewers in Twitch chat will decide who gets to stay and who gets the boot, making this a highly interactive foray into the reality tv genre. 

This news is no surprise as more online video services tackle the transition into becoming hubs for live entertainment. Facebook announced a similar concept not long ago and has been playing with the idea of live entertainment with Facebook Live. Stream On will be the first of it’s kind for the game streaming community and will no doubt help Twitch partners who need that extra bump in views.

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