Is Valve’s Steam Controller A Failure Or Misunderstood?

That’s a question that James Minicki attempts to answer

If there’s one piece of gaming hardware that has been more misunderstood, its Valve’s Steam Controller. Once it was supposed to be the counterpart for the “failed” Steam Box initiative, the Steam Controller had been pushed into the PC gaming market. Some like it, while others aren’t sure what to make of it. Regardless, the Steam Controller hasn’t been quite the success that Valve had envisioned.

Why did Valve build this unique controller? What was the thought process? Who was this built for? Those are questions that James Minicki attempts to answer with this recent video “The Steam Controller An Analysis – Complete Edition“. You may have seen parts of this video in the past. This video is a completion of an eight-month project, that has finally come to an end. I’ve been following James’ work since I saw the first video in this series, with this video closing up the series nicely.

Currently viewable over on YouTube, the video devolves into the history of the controller, its reception, perception and it’s uncertain future. It’s definitely a fantastic journey and I’ve learned a bit more about the controller that I hadn’t known before. If you’re curious, please give it a watch. However, be warned, this video is long – clocking in at just under an hour.

I can safely say that after watching this video, I perhaps have been a bit too rash. IN fact, I’ve already put in an order to fully evaluate the Steam Controller and willing to give it another chance.

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