Welcome Back to The World in .hack//G.U Last Recode

It has been more than 10 years since the original .hack//G.U released on the PS2. Now Bandai Namco has released again for the PlayStation 4 and PC.  Relive the tale of the Haseo, the Terror of Death as he ventures The World to bring back a friend who was put into a coma after and encounter called Tri-Edge. If this is you first venture into the series, Welcome to the World.

To commemorate the launch, Bandai Namco has released its launch trailer alongside the HD version of the three games main opening.

.hack//G.U Vol. 1 Rebirth

The beginning of the tale in which Haseo seeks Tri-Edge, the one responsible who put his friend Shino into a coma. The story of how he was a brash and angst man, controlled by vengeance and anger.  To awaken his new found power and  how he was once called the “Terror of Death.”


.hack//G.U Vol. 2 Reminisce

Haseo founded answers, but it only led to more questions. With new enemies lying in  the shadows and the truth still yet in his grasp, Haseo continues his journey and recalls of who he once was. Through pain and happiness, he ventures to find his truth that surrounds The World.


.hack//G.U Vol. 3 Redemption

Now given his truth, what will Haseo now do? Will he succumb to his old ways? Or has he learn a way to redeem himself? This volume closes the main story of Haseo, but will be expanded in the new volume in which will explain the events after.

.hack//G.U is the successor to the original 4 games that came before. This niche title is viewed as a one of the gems of the PS2 era. If you want to see where the idea of being trapped in an online game that predates the popularity of Sword Art Online, this is the game.


.hack//G.U. Last Recode is now currently available for PC and PS4.



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