It was recently revealed that Capcom was going to be supporting the Nintendo Switch more. Including, bringing the fan-beloved Ace Attorney series to the system. Which is great!

However, Kotaku UK is now reporting that Capcom has plans for not just one Ace Attorney game, but three! All of which will come out next year. Too good to be true? In a way. For the first two of these games will be compilations of the two trilogies that the series has had so far.

Part 1 of the compilation will feature Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice For All; and Trials and Tribulations. While Part 2 will feature Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Dual Destinies; and Spirit of Justice.

Then, the third game will be the new entry into the series. Kotaku further reports that the game will feature Phoenix Wright as the lead defense attorney again, and will have 5 cases, with possibly more coming via DLC (not unlike they did with both Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice).

This new game is likely going to launch in late 2018, and will be launched on both the Switch and mobile devices. 

To be clear though, this is not confirmed by Capcom, but given recent trends, it’s definitely believable.

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