Nintendo is doing its best to ensure that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are not simple sequels to the original Sun and Moon games, and the more trailers they show, the more they’re proving that. And now, a new trailer has released that is bringing a whole new threat for you to deal with…Team Rainbow Rocket.

Yes, that’s right, Rainbow Rocket, which shows just how much Alola has affected Team Rocket. And what’s more, the trailer for this reveal features leader Giovanni…with a Mewtwo!  The ironic thing is, that’s just the beginning.

For to celebrate the 20+ year history of Pokemon, you’ll now be able to battle legendary villains and characters from the history of the games. Including the leaders of Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galactic, Lysandre, and many more.

Still not enough? Well, there’s a new Battle Arena where you can actually rent Legendary Pokemon and use them in battle! Still want more new stuff? Well, across Alola there will be Totem Stickers, and if you collect enough of them, you’ll be able to use a Totem Pokemon in battle.

Wait, you’re still not satisfied? Well…as teased before, there is going to be not only 400+ Pokemon in the game for you to get, but just about every legendary Pokemon ever will be available to find and capture in the game! So yeah, that’s a lot of Pokemon to get.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (with Team Rainbow Rocket!) arrives November 17th on Nintendo 3DS.

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