3rd party support hasn’t been Nintendo’s strong suit as of recent console generations. The Gamecube started the trend, the Wii was mixed (as 3rd parties would bring games, but the quality wasn’t the same) and the Wii U had 3rd parties fleeing. But, with the Switch, things have been changing. They had 3rd party support from the outset, and now, more people are pledging to continue bringing games to the Switch. A big one is Square-Enix.

Square-Enix has been loyal since the beginning. They brought I Am Setsuna to the Switch as a launch title, and are having the Bravely Default team make Project Octopath which is arriving next year. And one of the prevailing rumors of this year was a main Final Fantasy game coming to the Switch. Now, via a translation of the second quarter financial briefing, we know what Square-Enix wants to do for the system.

For starters, they want to “aggressively” pursue bringing more games to the Switch. They say the system is good for “middle range” games, but it’s hard to tell what that means. They could mean titles like Lost Sphear, which is also coming to Switch next year. In that case, it wouldn’t be so bad.

But, they also said that they are considering EVERY IP when they talk Switch development. Including current and dormant IPs.

So, could Switch get a “big” Square-Enix franchise? Time will tell.

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