Well…a Pokemon handheld game is a hit…who knew? Kidding aside, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon released on the 3DS this past Friday, and it didn’t take long for it to be a hit in its home nation of Japan. 

For as Famitsu numbers report, the games have already combined for sales of 1.2 million copies, and since it’s almost been a week now, you can bet that those numbers are much higher. Not to mention, that those numbers do not include the Nintendo eShop sales for the titles.

And of course, to reiterate, this is just Japan’s numbers. Pokemon is huge in the US and all over the world, so we’d be very surprised if the worldwide numbers after a week weren’t between maybe 3-5 million sold. Now, there have been some complaints about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in terms of “new content”, but the sales don’t lie, even if you didn’t enjoy it by the end, you still bought it because you were hyped about it.

You can expect our review of the games soon, we’re still in the midst of it, and we want to make sure we deliver a worthy review for your time. So stay tuned!

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