Anniversary of Uncharted

PlayStation Store Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Uncharted

Today, November 19th, marks the 10th anniversary of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. The series has come a long way since then, spanning four titles, a vita release, and this year’s excellent Lost Legacy spin-off. Perhaps Drake’s Fortune hasn’t stood the test of time, but it was the starting point for one of PlayStation’s most iconic series and paved the way for a fantastic franchise.

To celebrate, the PlayStation Store is offering a free bundle of themes and avatars, including a celebratory 10th anniversary theme. It’s only available through November 21, so definitely take advantage of the deal while you can. For multiplayer fans, the PlayStation Store is hosting a sale of 50% off of all Uncharted Point and Relic items, and offering special anniversary character skins for the Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy multiplayer. This will all be available through December 19.

Anniversary of Uncharted

In addition, Naughty Dog is promising a month-long celebration of Uncharted. A booth dedicated to the series will be held at the PlayStation Experience on December 9th, featuring activities, a panel, merchandise, and more. 

Join Naughty Dog as they look back on 10 years of adventure: