Nioh Complete Edition For PC Will Receive Keyboard And Mouse Support

See, all that complaining did something

When I first received the review copy of Nioh Complete Edition for PC, the very first thing I noticed was the lack of any keyboard and mouse support. Of course, this was mentioned in my review of the game, as well as my YouTube videos. Needless to say that this didn’t go over well with the PC gaming community. Many took to Steam, Reddit, and Twitter to announce their displeasure of this choice. Many stated this due to Japanese developers lack of understanding when it comes to porting games to the PC. Others just chalked it up to Koei Tecmo just doing a bad job on the port.

To be fair, a lot of the complaints were justified. Lacking the K/B support was a pretty crappy idea.Well, I’m sure this new announcement from the company is going to make fans of the game happy.


Keyboard and mouse support will be introduced in an upcoming patch. In addition to this, they’re also adding support to re-bind keyboard buttons. This patch is slated for a November 29th, 2017 (PST) release.

This isn’t the first patch that the game has received. If I recall correctly, this would be the 3rd patch so far, as the game recently received a patch. Though, the details of that patch weren’t made known.

Nioh Complete Edition is currently available for the PC, and PlayStation (but only in Japan).

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