New Code Vein Screenshots Showing A New Location And More

Today, Bandai Namco has released new screenshots for their upcoming Action RPG, Code Vein. This time we’re getting a look at a new location, called “The Ridge of Frozen Souls”.

A harrowing mountain that is sure to provide plenty of “oh crap” moments, with its limited visibility, narrow ledges, and other obstacles. There’s also a massive baddie who frequents the area, so players will need to be on their guard. Between me and you, this guy reminds me of those found in Dark Souls.

In addition, we also know that the opening cinematic will be an animated and produced by Japanese animation studio, ufotable. This is the same team that worked on the God Eater and Fate/Zero anime series.  While Bandai Namco has released the footage as of yet, the screenshots do a nice job of showing what’s to come.

Finally, new info regarding how the blood veils will work has been provided. While they aren’t new, info on them was limited. Now we know more about them.

Blood Veils allow for powerful blood drain attacks that will make quick work of enemies and also regain Ichor, which is needed to perform additional skills, known in-game as Gifts. The new Ivy Blood Veil unleashes a swift attack, producing thorns that emerge from the ground, piercing enemies from afar.

Other Blood Veils announced include Hounds, Ogre, and Stinger, each with their own attack power and range of use. Players can switch out Blood Veils for the appropriate circumstances.

Pretty exciting stuff, but I really want to see footage of this game in actual. Of course, being the resident Action RPG fan here, one who bleeds Dark Souls if you cut me – I can’t wait.

Code Vein releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

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