IThat was fast. Just a few days ago, Amazon was reported to be in talks with the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien to develop a Lord of the Rings TV show. Now, it’s official. Several studios vied for the position, with Amazon coming out on top to be, dare I say, the one studio to rule them all. 

Since then, a few lingering questions have been answered. The series will take place before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring and presumably after The Hobbit. It also looks like it will take place in the world of the films, since Warner Brothers is also involved. No word yet on whether any members of the original cast will return. Since it’ll be a prequel of sorts with a separate story line, it seems unlikely.

Part of the deal is a multi-season commitment for the show. The deal also includes rights for further TV shows based on the popular fantasy series. In all probability, this won’t be our last trip back to Middle Earth.

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